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European instructors will teach Libyan rebels

Russia Today

European members of the NATO-led coalition bombing Libya are sending military instructors to the rebel capital, Benghazi.

The first nation to announce such a move was Britain. On Tuesday Foreign Secretary William Hague announced the deployment of experienced military officers to Libya. The official stressed that the troops will help improve the organization of the Libyan opposition, but will not train them in combat. He did not elaborate on how the two distinguish from each other.

On Wednesday France and Italy followed the UK’s lead, both announcing that they will send similar contingents to the war-torn North-African country.

French and Italian advisor teams will be no more than ten officers strong. Britain plans to send some two dozen, half of whom will be civilian contractors accountable to the group’s commander, a colonel.

Libya’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that the move will only delay the peace settlement in the country and the liberal reforms Triopli is pledging to implement.

Earlier in April the EU drafted the “EUFOR Libya” plan, providing for troops to be used to defend humanitarian aid convoys, prompting suspicions that Europe is planning an invasion under the guise of a relief effort.

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