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Former Australian soldier and Private Security Contractor Gary Peters helps Gaddafi’s son Saadi escape Libya

A FORMER Australian soldier working as a private security contractor has admitted he helped Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Saadi, flee Libya last month.

Courier Mail

Saadi’s longtime bodyguard, Gary Peters, has told Canada’s National Post that he was part of a team that drove Gaddafi’s third son across Libya’s southern border to Niger.

Mr Peters, now a permanent resident of Canada, returned to Toronto in September, suffering from an untreated bullet wound to his left shoulder received when the convoy was ambushed after crossing back into Libya.

“I’m not a mercenary,” Mr Peters told the Post, which said his account had been verified by several sources.

“I work for a person in particular, have done for years, for close protection. When we go overseas, I don’t fight. That’s what a mercenary does. Defend? Yes. Shoot? Yes. But for defence, for my boss, and that’s what happened. The convoy got attacked and two of us got hit.”

Mr Peters said he had provided security services to Gaddafi family members since 2004, and continued to do so during NATO’s campaign to oust the late dictator.

Though he worked mostly for Saadi, he also guarded Gaddafi’s other sons, Seif al-Islam and Hannibal, and said he had escorted Hannibal and his sister Aisha from Libya to Algeria in a convoy.

Mr Peters said he first met Saadi while serving in the Australian Army. Gaddafi’s son was visiting the 2000 summer Olympics in Sydney and Mr Peters was assigned to protect him.

After moving to Canada in 2002, Mr Peters said he worked “on and off” for the next two years as a close protection operative for security contractor Blackwater USA, which was barred from Iraq over a deadly 2007 shooting and later renamed Xe Services

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