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Four Nepalese Gurkas killed in Afghanistan Attack Identified

NEPALESE GURKAS    Killed in Mazar-I-Sharif UN Attack

Min Bahadur Thapa
, a native of the Myagdi district of Nepal, joined the UN security detachment in 2010. Initially he was posted to defend the UNOCA compound in Kabul, but he was later transferred to the UN complex in Mazar-i-Sharif.

Before this Min Bahadur had a long and distinguished career with the Indian Army, in which he served for 28 years. During this time Min Bahadur achieved the rank of Junior Commission Officer with the 2/4 Gorkha Rifles. Upon retirement Min Bahadur spent about two and a half years working as security aboard cruise liners. Colleagues describe Min Bahadur as a hard working and dedicated soldier and supervisor. He is survived by his wife, Lekh Maya Thapa, two sons and a daughter.

Chhabi Lal Purja Pun, a native of the Myagdi district of Nepal, worked for IDG security in Afghanistan since 2005. During this time he defended UN compounds in Kabul, Kalat, Kandahar and Mazar-i-Sharif.
Before coming to Afghanistan Chhabi Lal had a long and venerable career in the Indian Army, where he served with the 3/8 Gorkha Rifles for 24 years. He achieved the rank of sergeant. Chhabi Lal had significant combat experience. Friends describe Chhabi Lal as a loyal and motivated soldier. He is survived by his wife, Purni Purja Pun, two sons and a daughter.

Narayan Bahadur Thapa Magar, a resident of Rupandehi district of Nepal, joined IDG Security in Afghanistan in September, 2010. Before this, Narayan Bahadur had a long and distinguished career as a professional soldier. He spent 19 years with the 1/5 Gorkha Rifles in the Indian Army. Six month were spent deployed to the UN mission in Sudan. Narayan is survived by his wife Yami Kumari Thapa and two sons.

Dil Prasad Gurung, a native of Pokhara in Nepal, joined IDG Security in Afghanistan in August, 2010. Before this he had a long and distinguished career in the Indian Army where he served in the 3/3 Gorkha Rifles. Altogether Dil Prasad served in the Indian army for 19 years, achieving the rank of sergeant. Dil Prasad is survived by his wife, Kumari Vija Gurung, as well as two sons and a daughter.

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US Gov contractors have 20 days to get those illegal workers out of Iraq!

July 23, 2010 Ms Sparky

According to a recent memo to ALL CONTRACTORS IN IRAQ from COL Nolan of the Centcom Contracting Command, ALL contractors in Iraq have 20 days to repatriate (send home) third country nationals who’s countries prohibit travel to Iraq. This includes among others, the Philippines and Nepal.

OMG!! This will affect virtually every service KBR provides the DoD in Iraq. I would guess there are 1000′s of Filipino workers who work in the Dining Facilities (DFAC’s), in the Laundries, drive trucks and shuttle buses, craftspeople and laborers. I would suspect there are direct hire Filipinos as well as Filipinos who work for KBR subcontractors such as PPI and Serka who were evidently smuggled in most likely from countries like Jordan or Turkey.

I hope the DCMA will write Corrective Action Requests (CARs) if services suffer. KBR as well as every other contractor in Iraq had to know about the Iraq travel restrictions of the Filipinos. It only made sense the the Filipinos were being smuggled in therefore violating Philippine and Iraqi law.

This will take definitely put a kink in the illicit sex trafficking and trade in Iraq…..for a little while anyway. And I do hope these contractors don’t just dump these workers on the border somewhere and leave them like they have been leaving them stranded in Iraq.

On a positive note, in the midst of a huge Reduction In Force in Iraq, it may make room for more Americans to stay and work on DoD contracts.

I don’t want to be unappreciative of what appears to be very strong action on the part of the DoD, but I do have to ask….”What took you so long?”  Original at MsSparky

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