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Overseas Contractor Count For Third Quarter 2010

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In 3rd quarter FY 2010, USCENTCOM reported approximately 224,433 contractor personnel working for the DoD in the USCENTCOM AOR. There was a decrease in contractors AOR wide of ~10% this quarter (from 250K to 224K), with significant decreases in Iraq and a steady state in Afghanistan.

A breakdown of those personnel is provided here. This update reports DoD contractor personnel numbers in theater. It covers DoD contractor personnel deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) area of responsibility (AOR).




The main categories of contracts in Iraq and the percentages of contractors working on them are displayed below:

Base Support 49,256 (61.8%)
Security 11,413 (14.3%)
Translator / Interpreter 5,165 (6.4%)
Logistics / Maintenance 488 (.6%)
Construction 1,336 (1.7%)
Transportation 1,782 (2%)
Communication Support 603 (.7%)
Training 574 (.7%)
Other 9,004 (11.3%)
Total 79,621

OIF Contractor Posture Highlights:

  • There was a ~17% decrease (from 95K to 79K) in contractors in Iraq compared to the 2nd quarter FY 2010 census due to ongoing efforts to reduce the contractor footprint in Iraq.
  • USF-I remains on track to reduce the contractor footprint to 50K-75K by Sep 30, 2010.
  • The military to contractor ratio in Iraq is 1 to 1.14
  • We expect a steeper decrease in the number of overall contractors as FOBs close and military footprint is reduced throughout FY 11
  • DoD and DoS are planning for post-2011 contract support



The main categories of contracts in Afghanistan are similar to those shown in the Iraq summary. We are working to present a similar detailed breakout for Afghanistan. We are currently capturing data by contracting activity as follows:

Joint Contracting Command- Afghanistan 19,181 (18%)
LOGCAP 27,491 (25.5%)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 26,191 (24.5%)
DLA 6,791 (6%)
INSCOM 5,371 (5%)
Other* 22,454 (21%)
Total 107,479

*Includes Army Materiel Command, Air Force External and Systems Support contracts, Special Operations Command.

OEF Contractor Posture Highlights:

  • The total number of contractor personnel in Afghanistan has remained constant in the first three quarters of fiscal year 2010.
  • The military to contractor ratio in Afghanistan is 1 to 1.07.
  • The number of local nationals employed on DoD contracts in Afghanistan is 68% of the overall contractor mix, just below the commander’s goal of 70%; CENTCOM is analyzing methods to enhance LN percentage to support COIN goals.

General Data on DoD Private Security Contractor Personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan

USCENTCOM reports, as of 3rd quarter FY 2010, the following distribution of private security contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan:

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