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Did a Florida Oilman Bilk You?

By Brandon K. Thorp, Fri., Mar. 18 2011 @ 2:07PM Broward Palm Beach New

All of us belt-tightening, recession-hardened Americans love “fiscal responsibility” and “free markets.”

A politician merely says the words “free markets” or “fiscal responsibility” in a sufficiently grim tone and we go wild, like little Asian girls getting their first glimpse of a 22-year-old Paul McCartney.

And nobody does “fiscal responsibility” or “free markets” like the Republican Party. Right? Right! Because Republicans respect our hard-earned dollar! Right? Right!

Except, wait a minute, here comes this little story today in the Washington Post — co-written, I should add, by an occasional New Times contributor, Penn Bullock, who also happens to be my own frequent writing partner — about Harry Sargeant III, a Delray Beach oilman who may have bilked the United States taxpayer to the tune of $200 million. And what do we find on his resume? Why, apart from being an entrepreneur, an oilman, and a frequent Republican donor, he’s also the former finance chair for the Florida Republican party!

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