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RELYANT gets demining contract


Relyant is only one of several companies who were awarded this IDIQ Contract though it does not say so here.

Formerly Critical Mission  Support Services

UPI Published: June 21, 2010 at 5:27 PM
MARYVILLE, Tenn., June 21 (UPI) — RELYANT LLC, a Tennessee firm providing strategic support services, won a contract (USACE) to help with mine clearance and unexploded ordnance disposal in Afghanistan.
The company expects to hire 200 additional people to work in Afghanistan and at its headquarters as a result of the award, which is worth $49 million.

The contract, it said, has two 1-year renewal option periods following the initial 1-year base period.

The United Nations says there are more than 10 million land mines and other explosive items littering Afghanistan, many of them from the period of Soviet occupation in the 1980s and the guerrilla war against the Soviets.

“RELYANT’s work under this contract will provide a safer environment for all stakeholders in the ongoing efforts to stabilize and rebuild the country,” the company said.

Other RELYANT services in Afghanistan include insulating troops housing on bases, escorting third-country nationals, life-support services for troops, convoy and secure trucking of supplies and vehicle maintenance.

In addition to offices in Tennessee, the company has presences in Iraq and Uganda  Original Here

Warning to prospective new employee’s and current as well:  If you are injured while working this contract your future will be in the hands of CNA the USACE’s DBA Insurance Company.  Your life will be a living hell.

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