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US Cuba Programs: The Stuff of Spies?

by Frances Robles McClatchy Newspapers

MIAMI — To the U.S. government aid workers who he suspected were secret agents, Cuban professor Raul Capote was “Pablo.” He went by “Daniel” with his Cuban government contacts, who were spies for sure.

Now Havana claims that for the six years that he worked with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) on educational workshops and library programs, Capote was a spook, too.

“The man started asking, what materials do you need?” Capote said in an installment of a Cuban documentary series, “Cuba’s Reasons.” “The contacts that came – it was never the same person twice, always someone new – started to buy me what I needed for my work: money, camera, laptop, memory drives, all kinds of gear to pass information.”

Capote is one of the Cuban intelligence agents recently exposed by Havana in its quest to pull the curtain back on one of the most controversial elements of Cuban-U.S. relations: USAID democracy programs. In a series of videos aired on state-run television and posted on the Internet, USAID contractors are shown meeting with alleged members of civil society, establishing libraries, arts workshops, distributing powdered milk and discussing secret electronic equipment.

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Militants kill 4 US spies in Pakistan

Militants have killed at least four people in North Waziristan Agency in northwest Pakistan, accusing them of spying for US-led forces stationed in neighboring Afghanistan.

Press TV  Tuesday March 1, 2011

Officials told Press TV that local tribesmen recovered four bullet-riddled bodies dumped along a road in Miranshah town in North Waziristan Agency early Tuesday.

A note attached to the dead bodies said that “US spies will face the same fate,” the report added.

Pro-Taliban militants in Pakistan have killed dozens of men, mostly Afghan nationals, in the tribal region after accusing them of providing information for US troops stationed across the border in Afghanistan.

Earlier on February 9, militants killed four people in northwest Pakistan for allegedly passing on information about their hideouts to Pakistani officials or to the US authorities in Afghanistan for the campaign of unauthorized US drone strikes in the region.

In a similar case, militants killed two alleged spies in Miranshah in December 2010. Pakistani intelligence officials later confirmed the death of two informants.   Please see the original here

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