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U.S. counting on Wesa to succeed at reforming Kandahar

Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, May 25, 2010; 1:47 PM

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN — Before he became America’s best hope for reforming Kandahar’s cutthroat political system, provincial governor Tooryalai Wesa was fired from his job with a U.S.-government contractor over mismanagement and allegations of corruption.

Wesa’s 10-month tenure with Bethesda-based contractor DAI ended in July 2007 with accusations that he had used his position as a field coordinator to benefit his tribe and family, according to officials familiar with his tenure. In the context of Afghan corruption, which is pervasive and often involves government officials siphoning off massive sums of money, the allegations were minor. But the questions about his integrity and management abilities were serious enough that they cost him his job, the officials said.  Read the full story here

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