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Moody Case Dismissed; Reno Veteran to Return Home Soon

Channel 2 News Reno

For months, the family and friends of Corporal Nicholas Moody have been waiting for answers. This morning, they finally have some relief.

The Reno veteran was arrested nearly three months ago for carrying gun parts on a plane, and he had been held then released from a prison in Abu Dhabi.

Nicholas’ mother Lorina called Channel 2 News early Monday morning, and says her son’s case has been dismissed.

“Hearing his voice, hearing he had gotten positive results and that he will be able to come home soon was tremendous for us the whole family and all of the friends and supporters out there are also equally happy,” says Lorina Moody.

Nicholas Moody called his mother from the United Arab Emirates around midnight and told her the news.

Moody had been returning from work as a private security contractor in Iraq when he was arrested in late September, and his sentencing was delayed several times. Now that his case has been dismissed, his mother says he can come home once he files his paperwork.

“Everyone can understand that as relieved as we are, it’s just a matter of actually having him here so we’re still going to be anxious and we’re still going to be waiting to hear when he’s actually gonna be here it’s not quite over for us until we actually see his face.” Moody says.

Moody says unless some major weather delays his trip, she is optimistic her son will be home in Reno by Christmas

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American gets suspended sentence on weapons charge

American gets suspended sentence on weapons charge

Hassan Hassan, Courts and Justice Reporter

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2010

ABU DHABI // The State Security Court sentenced an American military contractor today to a suspended three months in jail and Dh15,000 fine for carrying non-dangerous weapons parts in hand luggage through Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The contractor, Nicholas Moody, a former US soldier, had been travelling from Iraq to the United States. Security officials at the airport said in September they found four pieces related to a rifle, including a gun-cleaning brush and a front grip.

Through a translator, the judge told Mr moody he was free to go but if he were arrested again, he would have to serve his sentence.

The parts “could not make a weapon,” NM told The National after the hearing. “That is why I didn’t think twice. …  It has been tough but it is a lesson. I learned from it.”

He spent the last two and a half months in Al Wathba prison.

“It has been … tough. I was treated nicely, but [prison] is not a good place to be,” NM said.

He said he was going back to the United States “as soon as possible” and was going to immediately notify his family of the verdict.

“I’m glad I am free,”  he said. “It is over.”

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