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Ronco Consulting settles Fantham Lawsuit before bothering to respond

What a disappointment that this lawsuit never made it to discovery. 

The history of how this contract was managed deserved to be exposed. 

Another day…..

Ronco made this lawsuit go away, but this United Nations Board of Inquiries Report and others stand.

And no matter how big a settlement, Stephan will not be growing any body parts back

Careful who you follow

Substantial Settlement Achieved in Personal Injury Suit:

In August 2011, Blake Hannafan and Jim McGuinness settled a Personal Injury lawsuit on behalf of Stephen Fantham, arising from a traumatic leg amputation as a result of a land mine explosion in Sudan, Africa, against Ronco Consulting Corporation pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

In addition, the settlement also included claims for loss of consortium to Mr. Fantham’s wife. The settlement was reached before Ronco even responded to the complaint.

The terms of the settlement agreement are confidential.

Ronco Consulting Sued for Negligence by United Nations Mine Action Employee

Fantham vs Ronco Consulting

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  1. SuAmerican K-9 Detection Services, a K-9 company out of Lake Mary Florida is a HORRIBLE company to work for. Marc Whalman, self-professed “ruler” of K-9′s in Afghanistan, and an EGOMANIACAL BIGOT rules his roost like a lead hog rules the trough. He acts all sweet, and adorable with his “Big-daddy is watching”, anecdotes about “the good ol days” in the Army, while in the background, he and his toady, Ryan Leneweaver strut throughout Camp Eggers as though they are the rulers of the (not so free) world (Afghanistan). These “men” (I use the term loosely) hire White South Africans thinking that by doing so, they meet the requirements for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission when it comes to diversity. They have strategically placed a few African Americans into site lead positions (although, they don’t call them site leads), just to give the appearance that they don’t discriminate, and then turn around and use the “N” word as though they were sitting in their back yard spitting tobacco and speaking to their mindless, toothless bigot friends. They spend the governments’ money on 42 inch televisions for everyone that lives with them, and have very little controls over the government money that they are spending. Their Vice President of Operations, believes that because he wears a Masonic ring, and holds a high-level position, that he can sexually harass female workers and invite them to his room as though he were above the law. AMK9 is a relatively new company that has not yet learned that the good ol boy system is no longer allowed in a civilized world. And that psuedo-intellectuals types like Ryan Leneweaver, a boy in a half-man suite, who reads books, and then quotes them as though he actually knows what he is talking about are not capable of managing themselves, much less anyone else, or a multi-million dollar contract.
    The disgustingly bloated Ex-1st sergeant, Marc Whalman, cannot not, and should not be allowed to run a company in a primitive-cave like- “howdy do, ya’ll” existence and expect to keep his position. How corrupt is our world becoming when it allows people like Marc and Ryan to work in high paid, positions that allow them to grow their egos to the point where they control the very existence of others? Whether or not someone keeps a job, or gets paid a lesser salary because she is female as opposed to male.
    If you want a real company–go to RONCO–they are doing it right. AMK9–you are on notice—Clean up your act, or face the audit!

    Comment by AMK9 sucks | May 6, 2012 | Reply

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