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Hyperion Protective Consultants, LLP

Here is the text to this webpage before it was taken down.

http://hyperion-protective.com/services.html is still up



What we offer to any business large or small alike, are the absolute essentials. 


All established businesses in the U.S are regulated by government agencies to ensure that companies are compliant with the laws of the nation.  However, most companies are preoccupied with the tasks of their businesses, which is expected. We here at Hyperion understand this and seek to provide the expertises that are needed to ensure compliance. This allows companies to do what it is they do best. 

Our concepts are precise, accurate, and affordable to any business. We are proud to announce additional services to our customers, they are as follows:

Evaluation and modification of your entire Data Network.  We will gladly augment your existing networks to increase protection from outside entities.  Our staff will also suggest faster and more efficient system designs, tailored to needs of the client.

In the area of Human Resources we are proud to announcethat we now offer back ground checks for your potential employees. These checks are Federal, local, or both, suiting your specific needs.

We have developed new protocols to evaluate business and real estate before acquisition. The “Due Diligence” Phase of a sale should be professionally conducted by a team of qualified individuals to ensure as little risk to the buyer, as possible. The purchase of a company and/or its assets, requires a speedy yet thorough evaluation that the sale encompasses, allow us to provide you with this service. Ourresearch team will sift through all relative data to ensure that the buyer is receiving what they purchase. Contact us for all the information on this service, this process is crucial
to asset or business purchases.

We here at Hyperion pride ourselves on the knowledge that we provide new and affordable ways to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our concepts and methodology has been perfected over the years, leaving the best service this market has to offer. How, you may ask do we accomplish such an extravagant boast, allow me to explain!!!!!!

We have developed ways that allow companies to take over their own security and compliance. The only outsourcing required is that of our company which will evaluate your company’s assets, procedures, and protocols. Through painstaking research all relevant data and all governing regulations are studied; with this information we will build an operation plan to secure every aspect of your business. The cost of the evaluation is the most competitive in this market, to date.
The key to our success has been offer the “extras” after the initial evaluation. Our efforts have greatly expanded the areas of services and products, we now offer. Most of these efforts were motivated by customer requests.  We have gladly produced a new product line centered in the areas of Surveillance, Surveillance, Alarms, Workplace Safety and Compliance. See our product pages for more information.
We do not specialize in product sales. However our efforts are to offer better pricing to assist our clients, “convenience” being our focus.

How can the overall protection of my company assets
increase my bottom line?

Proprietor or In House Security

This is the question that all businesses should ask, and we are the answer!
Security in general is being out-sources to outside entities which have their on bottom line and agenda. This can be dangerous or in many cases ineffective because these companies  in general do not have the clients interest in mind. For this reason proprietary or in-house security is a better option due to cost and legal liabilities which will still reside with the business contracting the service. This is of no real benefit to the company itself. If professionally drafted post orders and
security personnel can be easily integrated in to the existing workplace of any company large enough to require security personnel. This  will allow that company the flexible to assign duties that are specifically tailored to their particular needs.

It is more important that a company has the peace of mind, knowing these are their employees. We provide the post-orders or procedures and training if required. The personnel are hired as a an employee by the costumer, therefore under the direct guidance of the company and no other entities. These are the advantages control, trust, and savings. Could there be a  easier way to increase your bottom line?

Let us show your company the way through  the use of our total businessand property assessment. This one time fee for the evaluation and assessment report(based on standard hourly rate). All other services and products are optional. The flexibility is yours be as specific or broad as you prefer.

“Contract Loss Prevention”

Hyperion has developed additional ways to staff Clients. Loss Prevention Specialist can be contracted to a Client. Clients may obtain security for facility, properties and all other assets by contracted said services from Hyperion.
Professional Loss Prevention Specialist are recruited and trained by Hyperion and placed with Clients requiring security through Loss Prevention Services. Clients are billed per Hour for said services. Confidentiality agreements are implemented for the protection of the Client. All personnel are scrutinized closely to obtain the best and most qualified professionals this market has to offer!

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  1. […] (this website was taken down but you can see the text from it here) but one of the phone numbers listed doesn’t work, an 800 number produces a recorded answer offering information about how to deal with or fend off bank foreclosures, and a third number with an Orlando exchange goes to a recording giving Hyperion’s corporate name and asking the caller to leave a message. Efforts to contact anyone on that line were unsuccessful. The local phone company says there is no public listing for Hyperion Protective Consultants–a rather unusual situation for a legitimate business operation. […]

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  2. I am a former employee and representative of Hyperion Protective Consultants, LLC. I am here to confirm that Raymond Davis has never ran this particular company nor has he ever represented the company in any fashion. Hyperion Protective Consultants was indeed founded in 1999 by Gerald Richardson. The company targeted your average consumer who was in search of securing their businesses, families and homes. We also specialized in loss prevention as this is definitely a problem for businesses small and large. We provided everything from pepper spray to home alarms systems. The business was primarily internet based until this fiasco. Hyperion Protective Consultants has been utterly slandered and this false information has been plastered all over the internet by a myriad of reporters, bloggers, etc. We have been harassed by many calls and emails from reporters, Pakistanis, and those offering to help our “so-called” employee Raymond Davis. We were forced to shut down the website and business as this calumny has extirpated Hyperion Protective Protective Consultants, LLC. Lastly and most importantly I am here to confirm as well that Hyperion Protective Consultants, LLC is NOT a front company for the CIA as many reporters have “so called” confirmed.

    Comment by Realitee11 | April 2, 2011 | Reply

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